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Coven of Six Introduction

Update 5/14/2012: The artwork on this page was chosen from deviantart.com. The header is titled The City Turns Orange by gilad – to see more work by this person click here. The background image is titled City Magic by LaurrenEllenMarr – to see more of her work click here.

This novel is intended for everyone. It has action, comedy, some romance, and just bad-assery in general. The story starts with the introduction of a coven of People of Power. The Power is different for each character, and has a mix of different strengths – making it volatile and spontaneous, unpredictable and as well as  independent of any other work I’ve done.
In this novel the People of Power, six college students, form a coven that more than a few are jealous of. The powers gathered in the coven vary in strength and element, but are all equally (and absolutely) needed to maintain their independence and freedom, as well as to keep them all from falling victim to the evils of old, and the manipulations of new. Without a clear head and some kind of leadership, the coven will fall prey to outside power, resulting in either death or slavery. In order to survive the coven must work together, (even when the individual members feel like ripping each others heads off) battle through mental and emotional barriers, and above all else trust each other because they are all each of them has. If you like it, leave a comment or subscribe. Let me know what (or who) you like best, and enjoy the read.


Faithful Followers Page

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    • Thanks. For a while, this was my favorite thing to write about, but I got distracted by Scattered Warriors – It kind of exploded in my head, I’m getting all these new ideas. I guess that’s the problem with writing so many different things at once, they tend to interrupt each other. lol. So feel free to fall into one of my other books, and I can post some kind of update message when I add another post to this one. Thanks for reading!

  2. wow,so special.


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